2023 Athlete of the Year Awards

Athlete of the Year Awards are based on the eligible nominee having achieved significant results and demonstrating strong character, integrity and leadership.

Senior Male Athlete of the Year

Lance Cryderman, boccia 

Senior Female Athlete of the Year

Renee Foessel, para-athletics

Junior Male Athlete of the Year

Shay Parreira, para-athletics

Junior Female Athlete of the Year

Aurora Whalen, boccia

Junior Recognition for International Performance

Nico Iemma, boccia

Carter Plumb, boccia

2023 Annual Leadership Awards

Annual Leadership Awards are awarded to community leaders that are integral to the development and performances in boccia and para-athletics.

Sport Spirit Award

Ed Bennett, para-athletics

Club Coach of the Year

Logan White, boccia

Performance Coach of the Year

Ken Hall, para-athletics

Official of the Year

Isabelle Longtin, boccia

Weatherall Award of Distinction

Academy of Student Athlete Development, Abilities Centre Whitby

2023 Lifetime Award Inductees

Lifetime Awards are given in recognition of significant and lasting impact of an athlete and a builder within the OCPSA community.

Builder Hall of Fame

Craig Blackman, para-athletics

Athlete Lifetime Achievement Award

Tammy McLeod, boccia