Ontario Regional Boccia Series

The Ontario Regional Boccia Series is a series of club-hosted boccia tournaments, open to all players of all abilities, across Ontario. They are important for club program development as well as serve as qualifiers for the Ontario Boccia Championships.

Ontario Boccia Championships

Ontario Boccia Championships

The Ontario Boccia Championships (OBC) are hosted annually in communities across Ontario, providing an opportunity for athletes to compete against the best in the province. To qualify for these provincial championships, athletes must first compete in the Ontario Regional Boccia Series.

To ensure an equitable playing field, players go through a process called classification to ensure they are grouped into similar categories. This process also determines if competitive players meet the minimal eligibility criteria of competitive sport.

Provisional classification, offered at OBC, consists of a short assessment of functional & sporting ability after which players are classified into one of six divisions: BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, BC5 and Open.

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While anyone can play at the OBC, only those in the BC1-5 classes are eligible for the Provincial Boccia Squad & Team Ontario programs.

Provincial Boccia Ranking System

The provincial boccia ranking system ranks athletes according to their results at OCPSA sanctioned competitions. This ranking list is used to seed athletes in competition as well as used partially to determine qualification for Team Ontario.

Provincial Boccia Squad

The Provincial Boccia Squad, mandated to develop and maintain a community of high performing athletes and coaches throughout the province, is two-part: the Development Program is focused on strengthening and supporting stage-appropriate training and competition for young boccia athletes, and the Competitive Program supports aspiring high-performance and Espoir Team members.

2019 Ontario Boccia Provincial Team

Team Ontario

Team Ontario is an annual honour bestowed upon the top-performing athletes in the province. Selection is based on the best possible competitive and cohesive team with considerations on future success with further experience and development.

Athletes represent Ontario at the Canadian Boccia Championships and they strive to make the National Team.