How is Boccia Played?

Boccia is a co-ed sport, similar to curling or lawn bowling, that is played indoors on a similar sized court to badminton. Games last four or six ends. Players propel balls towards the target or “jack” ball. Each side has six balls (red or blue) per end to try and score points. The closest side to the target ball when all the balls have been played, scores. Boccia can be played head to head, in teams of three, or in pairs.

A young girl pushes a Boccia ball down a ramp with her right foot

If you can’t throw the ball, you can roll it or kick it. If a player cannot roll the ball or hit it with the foot, she can use a ramp. If he cannot release the ball with the hand, he can use the head or a hand pointer. It is a sport of precision, focus and accuracy where players must employ a great degree of both physical coordination and mental foresight.

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Programs & Events

Anyone can play boccia! OCPSA and our member club partners offer an array of recreational and competitive boccia programs across Ontario. Find the program for you!

Volunteer at boccia tournament

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